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Our company provide various products and facilities in information technology sphere:

Advanced developments

Scientific-Manufacturing Center "INTELTEC PLUS" carries out advanced research and developments. ODBMS OBD-Jupiter 4.0 was developed accordingly to reliability, storage volume, performance requirements. Brief information about advanced developments is presented:

Materials for 8-th technical conference "Corporate Databases-2003" at the report "Features of corporate information and retrieval system designing based on ODBMS ODB-Jupiter 4.0"

Information storage and retrieval systems:

Data storage and retrieval system ODB-Text

Logotype of ODB-Text

It is means for creating information and archive systems with full-text search. ODB-Text make available automation of documents circulation and network database. ODB-Text built on first Russian commercial object database management system ODB-Jupiter which develop in our company.

Product's history(Russian)

ODB-Text 3.4 now available!

ODB-Text 3.4: About product
Demo version

ODB-Text 3.3: About version(Russian)
ODB-Text 3.2: About version(Russian)
ODB-Text 3.11: About version(Russian)
ODB-Text 3.0 About version(Russian)
ODB-Text 2.0: About version(Russian)



SMC "INTELTEC PLUS" create complex corporate Web-sites with using database and with context operational updating. Our company have great practice in Internet-catalog creating of commercial products what have means of product search with various parameters.
Also our company do advertising campaign in Russian part of Internet

Database application development

Our company develop various type of database application with using well-known object and relational database management system. It is information systems such as electronic archive, business-process administration, ERP and analysing system.

Publishing scientific and technical articles

Publishing scientific and technical articles

You can publish your scientific and technical articles in our "INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE" in concordance with publishing house's categories. Result of your researches, information about your working, program using experience are transform to electronic documents and publish in "INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE" in our corporate Web-site.


Your software may be promoted in Russian software marketplace by SMC "INTELTEC PLUS".

Our company develop various type and kind of projects, presentations and programms. Our programmers have high qualification therefore your purchase orders will be done by our company fast, with high quality, and reasonably priced.
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