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ODB-Text version 3.4

Data storage and retrieval system ODB-Text 3.4 is newest version of base programm product of ODB-Text family. Present-day version has better stability of storage data, particular monitoring of server and clients work, extension of power of access via Web browser.

Whatís new in ODB-Text 3.4:


  1. Now ODB-Text has single server which provides access to databases both on the basic channel and on the Web channel. Thus, disappears necessity for additional installation ODB-Text Web-server and his administration with the help of special programm. Single Server of system allows to configurate of database and to administrate access to the documents for both channels.

  2. New version of system has better reliability of storage information in databases because it has organization of automatic reservation and recovery for case of failures.

  3. There is an opportunity of database files checking on physical integrity.

  4. Check of conformity of database documents structure determined for the any type of documents to a format (check of types conformity) now available.

  5. In the new version of system Server does detailed monitoring and recording of all actions of clients of databases. The protocol enters the name in Magazines of events - textual files with expansion .LOG. System run two reports of events - General and User.
    The general(system) report of events contains information about actions of the server and actions of all clients of databases. It is the basic report, it gives settling representation about work of system. The general(common) report of events is accessible to viewing in the main window of Server. The file of a general(common) report has the fixed name - System.log. The user report of events contains information on queries of the concrete client of databases.
    In reports of events the actions of the server and users, operation above the documents of databases, identifiers and names of the documents are registered, with which the user works. The file of the user report has a name: < a name of the user > .log
    The special program for viewing of log-files is developed which facilitates work with report of events.

  6. The advanced protection against non-authorized access to databases on the Web channel.

  7. For Web-browser the module of OLE-objects viewing is realized to look OLE-objects introduced into the documents of database.


Client of ODB-Text 3.4 in comparison with the earlier versions of system has the following new powers:

  1. The function of found documents list sorting for any of the search essential elements has appeared, thus the performance of sorting can be given both at a stage of search query processing, and at a stage of search results processing. It essentially facilitates work with database, allowing to order documents, found by search, for example, in ascending order dates of their confirmation.

  2. The Search among the documents found by results of the last search query execution is given. It allows at a plenty of the found documents to concretize query and to receive a list of the documents more precisely adequate for database user.

  3. The time of a search results conclusion is reduced. In the case the list of the found documents is too great, it can be given out by groups and the user can independent set quantity of the documents in group.

  4. Language of search queries is extended. For example, search of the documents on empty or to not empty meaning in a field anyone search requisite now is possible.

  5. At loading documents of ODB-Text (format TXM) from a disk into a database, there can be a situation, when database contains the document, which identifier coincides with the identifier of the loaded document. In this case system offers to the user to solve a disputed situation to one of three ways: to update the document in database, to load the document with the new identifier or to cancel loading.

  6. The internal format TXM allows to make an exchange of the documents between databases. The documents ODB-Text can be loaded into database from a file, to unload from database in a file with preservation of their specific structure.

  7. The function of the consolidated report formation on patterns has appeared. At a unloading of information in the consolidated report the table is formed, which fields contain fields of the essential requisites of the documents.

  8. The list of key words for everyone search requisites and fields "Concept" and "Text" can be unloaded in a text file (TXT).

  9. The function "drag and drop" allows to load documents from a disk, to unload the documents on a disk, to transfer documents from a rubric or to a rubric and between windows of the client-programms by their simple dragging with a help of mouse.

  10. The clipboard can be used for copying rubric and separate documents. Besides it is possible to copy a name of a rubric (document), through a clipboard and also requisites of a document from a card of requisites.

The basic functions ODB-Text of version 3.4:

  • working with archive of various types documents, including documents which contain multimedia information;
  • various means for search and access to documents in a database, including full-text search on queries in native language;
  • editing of documents of database (addition into a document the references and semantic concepts, insert into a text of the document of illustrations, tables, diagrams, reports, i.e. any objects of Windows-programs);
  • orderings of the documents with the help rubricator;
  • loadings and unloading of the documents on templates;
  • advanced construction tools of reports;
  • creating hyperlink databases of documents;
  • collective processings of the documents by the several users;
  • functions of export/import of documents in external databases;
  • functions of access to a database through Internet-browser.

Data storage and retrieval system ODB-Text of version 3.4 represents a complex program system, which use Allows solves following tasks of automation of modern enterprise work:

1. Analytical data processing with a purpose of information reception, which is possible to use for acceptance of decisions.

The program complex ODB-Text has powerful search functions. There is a functions of search of the documents satisfying to a lot of criteria:

  • searches under the requisites of document (type of the document, name of the document etc.);
  • searches on concepts of a document (keywords);
  • searches under a content of document on quieries in natural language.

For creation of search query simple language of search queries is developed. In system is realized amplifying search, function of found documents list sorting on anyone search requisites is stipulated.
There is a function of construction of the reports formed including on a given pattern. ODB-Text forms a file of report (consolidated report) by result of search query or under the contents of a rubric. Further user can import a file of report to program of spreadsheets, for example Microsoft Excel and to do statistical accounts to construct the diagrams etc.
The support MS ODBC is realized, that allows to keep documents received as a result of search and to export them from databse base of ODB-Text documents to an external database (Oracle, MS Access).

2. Integration of various formats data and various software.

The data of the following formats are supported:

  • text files in DOS and Windows encoding;
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel Ť Microsoft PowerPoint documents;
  • HTML (DOS, Windows, KOI-8 encoding) documents.

All formats, for which is present appropriate OLE-server are supported. It means, that documents of the well-known programs such as Autocad, CorelDRAW, pictures, sound fragments and videorecordings can be a part of ODB-Text document database.

3. Simplicity of development and operation of system.

The system ODB-Text has comfortable interface ensuring convenience of work with system as skilled and beginning users. At access of the clients to databases on the traditional channel of service work with the documents (search, viewing, the editing etc.) is carried out by means client part of system. At access of clients to databases on the Web channel it is enough by corporate users of system to study Web-browser, as a universal means of search and viewing of the documents.

4. Reliable protection of the corporate information.

The protection of system ODB-Text is provided:

  • by work of server in Windows NT environment.

  • limitation functions for access to documents of database. In beginning of a session the user enters the name and password, on which a list of a documents is defined to which users the access is solved. The limitation of access is possible and on operations with the documents.

  • by means of protection of the data sent Internet-users of database from browser to server, for example SSL (Security Sockets Level), PCT.

5. Operative updating of information.

Updating of information in base is made by means client part of system. Client part allows to create new documents, to edit documents and to load documents from a disk. In system the means allowing to speed up loading of the documents in a database (group operations above the documents, automatic rubric making, use of loading templates) are processed.
A remote user (working with system on Web channel), works with databases in that kind, in which they are after the moment of last updating.

6. Access to information by various ways.

Network subsystem of program complex ODB-Text databases on the protocol of an exchange of the data TCP/IP, which proved high efficiency and availability. It means, that ODB-Text clients can receive access to documents of corporate database from any point:

  • from a local network of a enterprise;
  • by means of remote connection to a corporate network;
  • from any point of a global network Internet.

The remote users receive access to document databases, having only Internet-Browser - Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. The access to databases on Web channel is provided with the program - adapter, which is expansion established to Internet-server. Thus the computer, on which the databases are located, can work under management MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (at use Microsoft Internet Information Server or Personal Web Server) or under management ő— Linux (at use Internet-server, Perl language, having the interpreter, for example Apache v. 1.12).

7. Maintenance of high reliability of a storage of information.

In system the means allowing to increase reliability of a storage information in databases are stipulated:

  • automatic backup of databases and their recovery from a reserve in case of failures;
  • check of files of databases on physical integrity;
  • re-index of databases.

Besides in system the detailed observation and recording of all actions of the clients of databases is conducted.

Demo version of ODB-Text 3.4

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