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Information Storage and Retrieval System ODB-Text features:

  • automation of the document's stock-taking in state offices, business, banks, etc.;
  • data storage organization with fast search capabilities including full-text search;
  • network databases maintain
  • database operations with documents (adding new hypertext lins and truth predicates into document; illustrations, reports, tables, diagrams including);
  • tree-structured rubricator for documents systematization;
  • hypertext databases maintain;
  • collective documents processing;
  • integration with Windows-programs MS Word, MS Excel, CorelDRAW!, etc.;
  • information import/export to DBMS by third-party firm;
  • access to database through Internet/Intranet with Internet-browser.
Информационно-поисковая система ODB - Text

Essential concepts in the ODB-Text are document type and document. User can create, change, remove document types inciting system to specific sort of documents.
To every document type user settles the set of fields - properties to facilitate document processing and speed up the search session. The type of property can be selected from some predefined basic data presentations: "string", "integer number", "float number", "date", "time", "phone number".

One time defining document type, user then works with document instances. Amount operations can be accomplished to document instance: add to database, edit, place hypertext references in text, pick out concepts from the document text, keep the table of contents, search, remove from database, print preview and printing the text.

System supplies with specialized text editor. Editor maintains standard functions and also provides mechanisms of marking out references, meaning concepts and table of contents. Editor bears protocol OLE2 (Object Linking and Embedding). It allows insert in document text pictures, spreadsheets, diagrams, reports, objects of any Windows-program which is OLE server.

ODB-Text gives wide search opportunities and access facilities to documents in database

  • Treelike catalog - rubricator lets you systematize and regulate documents in database.

  • System allows compose queries as well in properties as in document text. With the help of the fulltext search you can enter careless query in the text and get satisfactory result.

Working in network, ODB-Text lets organize access to one database a few clients at the same time. Server database management system settles efficaciously possible conflicts, giving notices to clients about changes or prohibit certain operations. In system realized joint document processing. Several users can edit the same document simultaneously and every client will be notified about changes made by others.

High reliability of storage information is ensured by automatic database backup. Good considered security problems.

Access to database is possible through Web-Server like Apache. In this work variant is used an Internet-browser and information changing is not possible.

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