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SMC "INTELTEC PLUS" offers the services in designing, styling and program support for web-sites with any complexity. We are focused on creation high-grade corporate sites with an function of fast updating, access to databases. We approach to such work from the point of view of the decision of concrete tasks of the customer, such as:

  • duly informing of our clients on a situation in the market;

  • production online ordering function;

  • presentation to general public of corporate image;

  • organization of a feedback with the site visitors;

  • accounting statistics of visits;

  • analysis of demand on production;

  • realization of other marketing actions and researches in Internet;

Complex web-site, in our representation, it is the virtual catalogue of production or goods of firms - manufacturers probably illustrated, containing the exhaustive information on submitted production, with convenient navigation and search function of the information on various parameters.

There is an opportunity of often updating, and the mechanism of information updating is developed to the customer.

Commercial information for partners, clients, press, answers to questions of site visitors, forums on themes close to activity of the locate on site.

Instant interrogations of site visitors will be carried out.

General information which can interest to visitors (news etc.) can be located on site.

Means of a feedback of site administration with visitors and also function of production order are developed.

Technology of quantity analysis of site visitors with granting of rich statistics of visits is provided.

The various information services in area close to the company activity are developed.

All this, plus additional functions (at the choice of a customer), with ease is realized by employees of Internet department of our company.

We offer the advanced technical decisions on realization of yours web-sites.

We have wide experience of creation complex Internet sites, including with using databases.


Corporate site SMC "INTELTEC PLUS"


Illustrated catalogue of shoes production, submitted in the Russian market


INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE - publishing house of the electronic literature on object technologies, artificial intelligence and other themes


Corporate site of the company "KRIMSKY VAL - EXPOART". The company enters in five of the largest workshops on manufacturing frames for pictures, figures and photos.

The following projects now are in a stage of development:

http://www.underwear.ru Internet shop of underwear

The site "Style from Italy" - Russian version, belongs to a network international trade sites ORION THREE STARS

To each project and customer at our company is the individual approach. The wide experience of the experts of the centre engaged in Web-design, allows to carry out the orders of our clients reasonably priced, is qualitative and is fast. .

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