Complex web-site development
Database applications
Object database management systems
Relational database management systems

Web-desing price list:

ServicePrice, USD
Image designing
Complex (logotype, special design units etc.)20
Simple (arrows, lines, buttons etc.)3
HTML-page designing
Home page (per 1 kByte of code)10
2-d level page (per 1 kByte of code) *4
3-d level page and posterior (per 1 kByte of code)*1
Programming and software development
Script development for site guest feedback organization through E-mail10
The standard report on site visiting statistic, using an access information (from log-file)10
Database access scripts (view, search, data changing etc) (per 1 kByte of code)20
Data converter from existing database to database of Internet site Agreed price
Tailored programingAgreed price
Structural organization (per 1 table)30
Information filling
Scanning and converting of images to necessary format (only for image size less ISO 4)1
Text input and converting to necessary format (1800 symbols)2

*In the case if page 2-d or 3-rd level has complexity compared to complexity of the previous level page, the price can be same, as for the previous level page.

Note: On total price of the order the flexible system of discounts is stipulate.

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