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Object DataBase Management Systems (ODBMS) have come into the world, because there was appeared the barest necessity in the decision of the tasks of processing and storage of complex multi coherent data and not structured information such as text, image, music, and on the whole any data required specific processing.

It is possible to note the following benifits of the object approach to databases designing:

  • opportunity of system decomposition into the set of independent entities (objects) and realization of their strict independent specification;

  • simplicity of system evolution at expense of using such facilities of the objects approach, as inheritance and polymorphism;

  • opportunity of object modeling of system, that allowing to track an objects behavior already at early stages of development.

besides object DBMS provides the evident Web-interface at access to databases by means of Internet.

The popularity of object DBMS is steadily grow now, that is explained by ample opportunities on their application for corporate information systems designing.

More about ODBMS current state it is possible to familiarize in article published in ours INTELTEC e-PUBLISH HOUSE:

Object DBMS: state and и future trends (Russian variant)
Andreev A.M., Berezkin D.V., Kantonistov Y.A.

We offer a various decisions on the basis of software of object DBMS leaders : VERSANT (Versant, Inc), ObjectStore (ObjectDesign, Inc), POET (POET Software, Inc), Jasmine (Computer Associates, Inc).

Most attractive for corporate information systems and application software designing is object multimedia DBMS Jasmine (Computer Associates Internatonal Inc. Together with Fujitsu).

More about ODBMS Jasmine and developed on its basis the business application software is possible to familiarize in article published in INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE:

"Object DBMS JASMINE open wide opportunities for Internet/Intranet/Extranet application software development"(Russia variant)
Andreev A.M., Berezkin D.V., Kantonistov Y.A.

One of our development example in the field of ODBMS applications is Jasmine-Site "The Inteltec Virtual Office"

Jasmine-Site "The Inteltec Virtual Office" is carried out as the Russian-language application for object multimedia DBMS Jasmine. The technology fixed in its basis allows creating complex graphical user interfaces, as well as complex business processes.

"The Inteltec Virtual Office" represents a multimedia database shell, which simulates work at modern office, gives the user the information about our company, helps in planning meetings. The navigation under the program is carried out by mouse. The work is executed in an interior of office room realized by a set of scene. The opportunity of virtual work at office is given to the user by activation of a set of screen control items. At activation of screen control items, the information on products and services of our company is given to the user.

"The Inteltec Virtual Office" is characterized by:

  • obvious user interface;

  • wide multimedia opportunities;

  • advanced means of interaction with the users by means of Internet.

Style of Jasmine-site presented on following figures.

Virtual office

Virtual office

First in Russia realization of multimedia application for ODBMS Jasmine. "The Inteltec Virtual Office" was presented at the Moscow International Exhibition COMTEK'98 on the stand of the Computer Associates International Inc. Also was used for demonstration of opportunities ODBMS Jasmine and registration of the visitors of the stand.

If you are interested in building of modern corporate information systems, ensuring distributed multi-user access to multimedia information, having magnificent opportunities on interaction with Internet and compatible with already existing information systems of the enterprise - address to us, and we shall help you.

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