Complex web-site development
Database applications
Object database management systems
Relational database management systems

Our company gives large attention to development of object and relational database management systems applications.

The major purposes of IT business are creation of information systems with access to document archives, management of business-process, reception adequate information for expert systems, planning, monitoring of contacts with the outside world. Mandatory requirement is guaranty to the users of such systems access to their information resources as from a workplace (by means of a local network), and from anyone of globe (by means of Internet). Such systems, in addition, should have simple, but effective means of administration.

It is obvious, that a basic element of information systems, which provides performance of the specified functions, is the database. Thus, for creation of such systems is necessary modern DBMS and application on their basis.

The basic tasks solved by DBMS application:

  • Effective processing complex data and data with set of the references for expression of the relations between them.

  • Building of Internet-shops and distributed information systems.

  • Building of the virtual company office and virtual kiosks.

  • Storage and reproduction of graphic images, video and audio.

  • Creation of WEB-sites, allotted to unlimited opportunities.

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