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Scientific - Manufacturing Center Inteltec Plus was found in 1992.

Chief aims of our company is development of adequate for current inquiries of the consumers software and promote these products on the market.

We have all potentialities for achievement it:
  • Our company is staffed by highly skilled experts. They are graduates and postgraduates of best Technical Universities (such as Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman). The experts have wide operational experience;

  • Wide connections in software developers midst allowing to be well posted on new achievements in the field of information technologies;

  • Effective management and custom support allow quickly respond to changes of customer requirements both during development and maintenance.

SMC "INTELTEC PLUS" specialized in IT technologies sphere. There are object database management system development, complex information retrieval systems, corporate Internet-publishing information systems, research activity in area of full-text search and text semantic analysis, world object technologies promotion on the Russian market.

SMC "INTELTEC PLUS" has developed first Russian object-oriented database "ODB-Jupiter". This system is basis for documentary information search and retrieval system "ODB-Text". ODB-Text is intended for corporate informational systems construction and it is characterized by good functionalities.

The prompt development of Internet in Russia has put into creation of new structural division in our company - Inteltec-Design department. The Web-design and DBMS applications development from a commercial point of view are most claimed direction of software development. Therefore we have special attention to it.
The main direction of Internet-activity in our company is corporate Web-sites creation, Internet-shops and advertising extensively in Internet.

Our company carry out scientific researches in the field of intellectual information technologies. There are object DBMS construction, text semantic analysis systems, full-text search. Our researches results are published in our virtual "INTELTEC e-Publishing House". "INTELTEC e-Publishing House" is an Internet-project for experts of intellectual information technologies and interdisciplinary sciences.

Together with informatics-analytical management of The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation our company carry out  project "Minerva"(Russian).


Volgogradsky prospect, 45, Moscow, Russia, 109316
phone/fax: (095)177-3511 phone : (095)177-8028
E-mail: info@inteltec.ru

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