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21 february 2006

English version of corporate INTELTEC PLUS site was refreshed by its Web-design department. Welcome!

Data storage and retrieval system ODB-Text

Box for ODB-Text Data storage and retrieval system ODB-Text - is means for maintenance documents of various types in corporate archive. In system is realized full-text search on demands in natural language. There is an opportunity of creation new document types. The access to a database is provided both from local networks of organizations, and through Internet. An information retrieval system ODB-Text is based on our own working, first Russian commercial object database management system - ODB-Jupiter.
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Inteltec Plus Design

We offer Web-site design and Web-program support of any complexity. We are focused on creation corporate sites with access to databases, and virtual catalogues of production. We are ready to realize the variant of site design and respect wishes for site structure and information filling, offered by the customer.

We offer development of an applications for general object and relational DBMS such as electronic commercial systems, database access through Internet etc.

We take orders for creation graphical presentations of your projects, goods and services. We take into account all wishes of our customers and we guarantee a competent material presenting and highly artistic slides execution.

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"INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE" is a selection of scientific and technical articles published in Internet on the following themes:

  • Object technologies;
  • full-text search taking into account morphological features of Russian and English;
  • expert system and artificial intelligence;
  • Algorithms and systems of the syntactic / semantic analysis of the texts;
  • distributed systems;

Forums on the following subjects:

"INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE" contains scientific and technical information from developers and experts, you hardly meet in other printed and electronic editions on similar subjects.
The visitors of "INTELTEC e-PUBLISHING HOUSE" have a good chance to familiarize with scientific articles, to estimate any software, by reading opinions of the experts and to publish results of own researches or information on the development as article.

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